Becoming part of our Startime Family


Startime Variety are always happy to welcome new people.

If you would like to join us to be on stage,  or to be part of the support team, whether you like helping with props, getting involved with stage makeup or being front of house, we would love to hear from you.

You are welcome to get in touch at any time using our 
contact form so that we can arrange for you to come along to either a launch night or a rehearsal, or one of our social events so that you can meet us and see what we do.    


Please follow us on Social Media for updates on launch nights, auditions dates etc.


Joining and Essential Information


Here are some information sheets to read through. If you decided to be part of our Startime Family, please complete and return the Member's Contact and Consent Form.  The email address to send the completed form to is:

The minimum age limits for membership are:

  • 10 years and over for on-stage (acting) members and 16 years and over for off-stage (non-acting) members who wish to help support either behind the scenes or with front of house. There is no upper age limit.  

Joining audition


To become an acting member you will need to attend a joining audition.  This will involve singing a song of your choice (make sure to bring the piano sheet music with you), and undertaking a short dance routine with our choreographer (bring suitable footwear). Try not to worry too much about the joining audition – we aim to keep the process as easy and friendly as possible.

Launch Night  

This is when members (new and current) hear about the next show and are given details regarding the characters, plot and music etc, and meet the Production Team and Musical Director.

If you fancy being the goodie, the baddie, the dame, or part of the dance team, you will be given details of the date on which to audition for the show.   

New members can undertake the joining audition at the launch event.

Details of the launch night are published on our
news/awards page and on our social media platforms.


A condition of being accepted as an acting member is that you commit to attending all of the rehearsals for the show. 

Rehearsals are held  once the launch night has taken place, and are on:

Wednesday and Friday evenings.  Members should arrive at 7:20pm so that rehearsals start promptly at 7:30pm and we aim to finish at 10:00pm  

Previous rehearsal venues have been Hasbury Christian Fellowship, 26 Albert Road, Halesowen B63 4SW and
Somer's Sports & Social Club, 2 Grange Hill, Halesowen B62 0JH.

Confirmation of rehearsal venues will be added once rooms have been booked.  




We understand that people have other responsibilities from time to time, but we expect acting members to attend 95% of all rehearsals as a minimum and, of course, it is essential that you can make ALL of the show dates!


It is a condition of membership that, if not taking part in a production on stage, you are willing to help carry out other support tasks during the week of a show – for example, assisting with Front of House duties such as selling programmes, sweets, and raffle tickets, or stewarding.


Costs:  Current Membership Fees (paid annually) are:

  • £60 for a senior acting member (age 18+);

  • £40 for a full-time student acting member (age 16-18);

  • £30 for a junior acting member (age 10-16);

  • £20 for an associate (non-acting) member.


If you have any other questions, please contact us.